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Top 50 Realty Blogs by Actual Realtors

Posted May 17th, 2010
by Staff (2 comments)

There are many important things a person needs to know before they start looking for a new home. Realtor information, advice and tips on buying a home, doing an inspection of a new home, etc. are all things a person getting ready to buy a house needs to consider. There is also important information a person needs to know when they are selling their house. What to look for in a good realtor, how much to sell their house for, tips and advice on selling a house are all important when it comes to being prepared to sell a house. Here are 50 blogs that will help a person in their endeavors to buy or sell a home.

  1. Think Glink: Advice on selling your home as in what to look for in a real estate agent, how to determine the selling price of a home or land and tips on negotiating a sale.
  2. DROdio: Get help learning the terminology used in the realty business to help in understanding the selling and buying process.
  3. Do You Convert?: Information on how Internet marketing works when buying or selling real estate.
  4. Mortgage Fraud: Advice on realty fraud, schemes and indictments and prevention.
  5. Home Buying & Selling Guide: Great information for first time home buyers such as what to avoid, a guide to buying a first home, choosing a realtor, etc.
  6. Home Buying Institute: Tips and advice for the first time home buyer.
  7. Frequently asked questions and answers homebuyers ask.
  8. Grow a Brain: Information about real estate abroad.
  9. Success Rei: Information about real estate investing, foreclosures and marketing tips.
  10. Home Space: Advice on selling a house to a friend.
  11. Unusual Site: Strange places along with fascinating unusual and amazing homes.
  12. Doug Francis: Understanding home inspection reports, why agents are important, tax rate questions answered, along with advice and tips.
  13. Real Estaging: Great tips about real estate staging, real estate marketing, the home staging industry and home staging tips.
  14. Soapbox: Views and issues on the real estate appraisal industry.
  15. Merchant Circle: What’s the right price to pay for a home inspection?
  16. Finance News Today: A guide to buying a home.
  17. Home Buying Institute: Seven great tips for home buyers in choosing the right realtor.
  18. Mortgage Finders Network: Tips for home buyers with selling price negotiations.
  19. True Gotham: Dirty real estate tricks and ways to avoid them.
  20. St. Paul Real Estate Blog: A plethora of information for the buyer and seller.
  21. Active Rain: Three realty investment tips and tricks from someone who has made a fortuning in real estate.
  22. Real Estate Investing Tips: Secrets and truths about investing in real estate.
  23. Rei Tips: Information about real estate investments and email tricks that flip houses.
  24. 52 Lee Street: Home buyers and sellers advice regarding homebuyer tax credits, homeowners insurance, etc.
  25. Trust Starts Here: A resource guide for buyers and sellers.
  26. First Time Home Buyers: A blog for first time homebuyers with a lot of great information.
  27. Home Gain: A blog with information on how to increase your home’s value.
  28. Weichert Realtors: Tips for home buyers in choosing a realtor.
  29. Real Blogging: A blog with a short list of real estate agent writers offering help to investors, consumers, and real estate professionals.
  30. Eric Bramlett: Home owners going Green and affecting the real estate market.
  31. The Mortgage Insider: Information and mortgage advice and compare mortgage rates.
  32. Moxley: Realtors give advice on selling a home.
  33. A Weber: A realty blog about real estate email tips.
  34. Home Sales of Tallahassee: Real estate blog explaining what a seller must know before selling their home.
  35. Big Time Listings: A fun realty blog that showcases celebrity real estate.
  36. Sellsius: Great information about first time homebuyer’s guide to home insurance.
  37. HotPads: A blog for home buyers with a lot of great information about buying and selling homes.
  38. Main Line PA Today: Tips on the sales agreement.
  39. Top Ten Tips For Selecting a Realtor: Tips to sellers on how to choose a good realtor.
  40. Mortgage 101: This blog has rates, mortgage calculators and mortgage quotes and a lot of useful information.
  41. Buy and Sell a House Fast: A home buying guide with a lot of good information regarding buying a house.
  42. Surfer Sam: Home staging tips that will help sell a house.
  43. Trulia Real Estate: 10 tips when buying or selling a home.
  44. Home Selling Questions: A blog with answers and advice for sellers.
  45. Reese’s Pieces of Real Estate: Some great tips and advice for home buyers.
  46. HGTV – Best kept secrets to buying or selling a home.
  47. Luba’s: Insights into the San Francisco real estate market and living in San Francisco.
  48. The Appraisal System Blows: Frank LLosa says “Trust Me I’m a Realtor”. He explains the government’s idea to solve yet another real estate blunder.
  49. Cantera Real Estate: Jim Olenbush’s discusses Austin, Texas’ real estate news.
  50. All Denver Real Estate: What are a person’s odds of selling their home in Denver?
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  • Posted June 15th, 2010 by Samantha at 9:10 am - Reply

    My friend is a real estate agent, and I think she will find this post very interesting! I will be sure to forward it to her. Hi Katie!

  • Posted June 16th, 2010 by jessie at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Very nice collection of blogs. It is always interesting to see how other realtors are using the internet to drive business.

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