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Top 50 Online Mortgage Payment Calculators

Posted August 1st, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It does not matter if you are a first-time homeowner or on your third home, each time you buy a home, you need to make sure you can afford the payments. It used to take time and a handheld calculator to figure out estimated mortgage payments. Technology has changed all of that. Now, you can use an online mortgage payment calculator to estimate payments before you even get your loan.

These calculators are an easy tool for determining if a mortgage payment will fit into your budget, both now and in the future. The following calculators are easy and free to use or even download to your desktop for future reference.

  1. The Mortgage Blog – Informative blog dealing with housing and mortgage issues, along with a handy calculator on the side bar for fast calculations.
  2. Mortgage Calculator – Helpful blog with links to several different mortgage calculators.
  3. Mortgage Calculator – Handy calculator with amortization and current mortgage rates.
  4. How Much House Can I Afford? – Helpful information on things you need to calculate before buying a home, along with different calculators to assist you.
  5. Monthly Mortgage Payment – Information about mortgages and handy calculator for inputting figures.
  6. Reverse Mortgage Calculator – Helpful information on reverse mortgages and links to several calculators to help you determine your rates.
  7. Mortgage Calculator Widget – Helpful tool for publishers and real estate businesses, this calculator can be added to any website.
  8. Reverse Mortgage Calculator – Another handy online calculator for determining the rates of a reverse mortgage.
  9. Mortgage Sum – List of various mortgage calculators, both online and downloadable applications that can be used on websites.
  10. Mortgage Calculator Pro – Review of an iPhone app, designed to calculate mortgages right from your phone.
  11. Using Mortgage Calculators – Information and video on how to use mortgage calculators.
  12. Mortgage Calculator Application –Helpful mortgage calculator designed for use on an iPhone, perfect for real estate agents on the go.
  13. Interest Only Mortgage Calculator – Advice on the benefits of an interest only calculator and links to calculators.
  14. Portable MiniApp Mortgage Calculator – Handy little mortgage calculator that works on a webpage or as a stand-alone application.
  15. Calculators 4 Mortgages – Helpful blog with many different mortgage calculators available for free use.
  16. The Free Mortgage Calculator – Helpful mortgage calculator on a blog dealing with all things mortgage.
  17. Karl Jeacle’s Mortgage Calculator – Detailed mortgage calculator and user review.
  18. Natwest Mortgage Calculator – Information and link to a useful mortgage calculator.
  19. Mortgage Calculator – Simple calculator and helpful information on managing your finances and getting a mortgage.
  20. Simple JQuery Mortgage Calculator – Easy to use calculator and the code for embedding it into a website.
  21. Mortgage Loan Calculator – User recommendation and link to a useful mortgage calculator.
  22. Loan Analyzer – Calculator for comparing your current mortgage to other loans.
  23. How to Use a Mortgage Calculator – Information and video on using a mortgage calculator.
  24. Mortgage Rate Calculators – Information on the importance of a mortgage calculator and a helpful calculator for figures.
  25. Finding the Best Calculators – Information on where to locate the best online mortgage calculators.
  26. Mortgage Refinance Calculator – Information on how to use a refinancing calculator and how it can help you, with links to calculators.
  27. Find the Best Mortgage Insurance Quotes – Where to find the best quotes and how a calculator can help you.
  28. Mortgage Calculator – Overview and links to a useful online mortgage calculator.
  29. Dennis’ Mortgage Blog – Helpful information about mortgages and links to many online mortgage calculators that the writer recommends.
  30. Should You Refinance? – Information about the pros and cons of refinancing, with useful calculators to help you decide.
  31. The Truth About Mortgage Calculators – Information about mortgage calculators, why you should use them, the different types available, and links.
  32. Mortgage Calculators – Helpful information about different mortgage calculators, along with links to each one.
  33. Free Loan Calculator – Review and information about a free loan calculator and where to find it online.
  34. Better Reverse Mortgage Calculator – Information and overview of an online calculator, along with a link to the calculator.
  35. Free Advanced Online Mortgage Calculator – Helpful information on a sophisticated online mortgage calculator and where to access it for free.
  36. Mortgage Calculator – Information on the benefits of a mortgage calculator and links to free online calculators.
  37. Loan Calculator – Simple, online calculator for determining monthly payments.
  38. Loan Modification Mortgage Calculators – Information on refinancing your home loan and the importance of mortgage calculators, along with links to calculators.
  39. Free Online Mortgage Calculator – Overview and link to a free online mortgage calculator.
  40. Calculate Mortgage Payments – Easy to use mortgage calculator and helpful information about mortgages.
  41. Mortgage Calculator – Helpful variety of mortgage calculators for determining your rates.
  42. Reverse Mortgage Calculator – Information on reverse mortgages and access to a calculator.
  43. How to Use a Mortgage Calculator with Ease – Information on the way to use a mortgage calculator, brief video and links to mortgage calculators.
  44. Free Mortgage Calculator – Easy to use, online mortgage calculator for determining your rates and payments.
  45. Biweekly Mortgage Payments – Information on making payments every other week and link to an online biweekly mortgage calculator.
  46. Mortgage Calculators – Various online calculators for determining mortgage payments.
  47. Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator – Helpful tips on how to use a loan calculator and links to online calculators.
  48. Reverse Mortgage – Information on reverse mortgages, reasons to use a reverse mortgage calculator and where to find one.
  49. Mortgage Calculator – Detailed mortgage calculator for planning your mortgage payments.
  50. Mortgage Calculator – Simple, online mortgage calculator, free to use, for determining your mortgage payments.

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