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Top 49 Sites on Flipping Houses

Posted June 29th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

Flipping houses has become a popular trend in the past few years, not only for the real estate pro’s, but also for the average person. This trend is sure to continue even if the economy is in a slump. There have been literally millions of dollars made in this industry.

If you are considering trying your hand at flipping houses, you will want to gather all of the information necessary to make a sound decision, as well as make a wise investment. Below you will find the information which will allow you to decide if flipping houses if right for you, and if so, the right way to go about it.

  1. Real Estate Investing at Flipping Homes – A guide to flipping homes: tips, ideas, and strategies.
  2. Free Guide to Real Estate Wholesaling, and Flipping Homes – Related blogs on wholesaling houses.
  3. Successful House Flip Tips & Info – Profitable house flip strategies, practices and tips.
  4. Real Estate Investing Training – Strategies for advertising your properties.
  5. 10 Unbelievable Upside Down Houses – Steve gives another view of house flipping with upside down restaurants and houses. The advantages and benefits of buying in a slumped market.
  6. How to Locate Wholesale Properties for Flipping – Several methods explored on how to find properties to resale.
  7. Make Money Flipping Houses – A real estate investing newsletter on flipping houses.
  8. Flipping Homes in a Down Market – Information on adjustments you will need to make to continue being successful even when the market goes into a slump.
  9. Simultaneous Closing and Funding – Questions are answered on how to accomplish closing on your real estate and funding it on the same day.
  10. Fix to Flip – Tools to help you succeed from start to finish.
  11. The Real Estate Blog – Tools and resources for those flipping their first house.
  12. Investing In Foreclosures and Flipping – Valuable guides to buying foreclosures and flipping houses.
  13. Free Cost Calculator For Bathroom Remodeling – Free calculators to help you budget your remodel, along with guides to help with what will be needed.
  14. Three Ways to Flip Houses in a Down Market – Even if the market is down, you still have options to begin or continue flipping houses.
  15. Must Know Information for House Flipping Investing – Tom Terrant talks about foreclosures being back on the rise.
  16. House Flipping Tips and Articles – Television personality Armando Montelong on flipping houses in today’s economy.
  17. Flipping Houses? – A site where a seasoned professional offers pro’s and con’s of flipping houses.
  18. Real Estate Snippets – A look at the house flipping industry from a Realtors point of view.
  19. Flipping Homes for Fun and Profit – Information on how to save on upfront costs, along with other costs associated with house flipping.
  20. House Flipping Info – Learn How to Use Owner Financing – In depth information on how to use owner financing to buy properties to flip.
  21. How to Make Easy Money Real Estate Investing – Tricks in helping to make your house flipping investment easier.
  22. Million Dollar Journey – A guide on how to build wealth investing in, and flipping properties.
  23. Spark Plugging – An inspiring story of a football player, Than Merrill, who started flipping houses. He offers advice to the beginner.
  24. The Private Market – Important information on how to work with Contractor’s when flipping a house.
  25. House Flipping Loan – Information on how to qualify for a loan when house flipping.
  26. Research Before Flipping Foreclosures – A look at the research you should do before buying a foreclosure for flipping.
  27. Flipping Your House: How to Trade Up – Repairs to do and not to do to get the price you want from your flip.
  28. Green Business Owner – A look at how to flip houses using “green methods” for reuse and recycling of materials which also save you money.
  29. Craftsman Home Remodeling Blog – Tips on remodeling to be certain your flip goes smoothly. Includes images to show you exactly how to do the remodeling.
  30. The Idea Blog – A blog devoted to remodeling bathrooms for every budget.
  31. House flipping – finding your way to success by flipping houses. A more realistic look at the financial possibility of earning with house flipping.
  32. What Are The Tax Consequences Of Flipping a House? – Understanding taxes when flipping a house and tax strategy tips.
  33. The Go to Site For Home Buyers – How to find buyers/agents, and owner financed properties.
  34. Selling an Undesirable Home – Tips and advice on how to sell a less than desirable home.
  35. My House Flipping Experience: The Bid – One man’s experience buying properties to flip and the bidding process.
  36. Total Financial Liberty: Wholesale – Skills for finding properties below market values to turn them into huge profits.
  37. House Flipping – A guide to flipping houses. – Get some beginner’s advice on whether house flipping is a good individual career move.
  38. Successful House Flipping – Gives a guide of three steps to walk through for successful house flipping.
  39. Fixing Up Houses To Sell for A Profit – Rick Villani sells his book on how to make a lucrative living selling houses that have been fixed up.
  40. The Smart Way to Flip Houses – Warns potential house flippers that the house flipping shows don’t show how hard it can really be.
  41. The Complete Cost of House Flipping – A homeowner reflects on a house flipper projects a few houses away.
  42. House Flipping Makes a Comeback – James Hagerty talks about investing in a house that turned a big profit.
  43. Charleston, SC Residential Real Estate-Trademark Properties – A look at real estate in Charleston, South Carolina.
  44. House flipping Is In – Dan Caplinger gives an overview on his experience with house flipping.
  45. Can you flip a house for profit in this market. – Tim Lee shares his perspective on flipping a foreclosed home. He talks about doing your homework about house flipping before starting a project.
  46. Budgeting – How to flip a house on a budget. Joel Saul-Sehy shares his personal advice on the finances involved in doing a house flip.
  47. New House Flip – A general overview of house flipping.
  48. Look Before You Leap – Or, flip a house. A team of house flippers talk about house flipping in Michigan.
  49. Fix to Flip – Tools to help you succeed and a look at flipping a rehab house.
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