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The Work at Home Mom’s Online Arsenal

As the web becomes more and more ubiquitous and the cost of computers and other equipment becomes ever more affordable, many moms are now choosing to work out of their homes. Women from diverse backgrounds and experience love the work at home way of life for one reason: flexibility. Working from home allows mom’s to participate in their children’s lives, like a traditional homemaker, while still engaging in fulfilling and lucrative work. This resource is designed to help moms interested in working from home start and organize their careers.

Remote Job Opportunities

Typing “telecommute” into reveals dozens of work-at-home jobs from across the country for free in a wide range of jobs from data entry to tax analyst.

Flexjobs provides job leads in over 50 different telecommuting categories and membership starts for as low as $4.16 per month.

Genuine Jobs provides telecommuting employment leads in a wide variety of areas, and thanks to an easy-to-use search engine they can specifically weed out fraudulent job offers.

Indeed has listings for all types of jobs, so the work-at-home mom will want to limit their search with terms like “telecommuting.”

Telecommuter Jobs aggregates telecommuting job postings from Craigslists across the country. The free service allows job seekers to conduct searches tailored to their particular field.

Work-at-Home Job Listings from WAHM is a free, help-wanted classified advertising aggregator for people who work at home in nearly every imaginable field.


Transcription and Data Entry lists dozens of transcription jobs available for the work-at-home mom. Many require transcriptionists to supply their own equipment.

Simply Hired provides leads on all kinds of jobs, but is particularly rich with transcriptionist and data entry positions.

Virtual Vocations provides data entry employment leads for a fee.

devBistro has been helping tech job seekers find telecommuting work for nearly ten years.


Writers and Editors

BloggingPro provides a job board with dozens of freelance writing jobs.

ProBlogger lists available writing opportunities, geared more toward the blogging community.

Scribendi is always on the look out for editors and proofreaders.


Family and Childcare Resources

Even work-at-home moms need childcare sometimes. provides referrals for day care centers, babysitters, back-ups and nannies.

Working on the go, the successful telecommuter should have a good smartphone. Cnet rates phones and provides customer reviews. Best Buy provides an upgrade checker that allows users to see when they can get the latest, greatest phone, and moms can find side-by-side plan comparisons at MyRatePlan.

An online calendar shared among the whole family is a must for a busy mom. Apple fans share their schedules through the icloud, and most email services offer something, such as Gmail’s Google Calendar.

Frugal moms love online coupons. CouponSuzy has free printable coupons, and Yowza offers free access to mobile coupons and deals that are scanned directly from your smartphone. Both can be tailored to your city or region.

Buxfer offers an online money management system that will organize a home budget. The basic service is free and upgrades are available for $3.99 and $4.99 per month.

Working from home, telecommuting moms have plenty of time to notice all of the repairs needed around the house. Angie’s list provides referrals to a wide variety of service professionals for a small fee.


Work-at-Home Community

When working at home, fast internet is a must. PC magazine ranks the fastest ISPs in the country. The work-at-home mom will also need a quality computer; TopTen Reviews rates laptops and provides specifications, while Amazon provides a list of its top selling desktops.

PayPal is still one of the most common ways work-at-home moms get paid. Setting up an account is free and fees for transferring are minimal. Some employers prefer direct deposit, and many telecommuters use online banks, like Ally, to electronically receive payments.

Sharing and collaborating has become very easy for work-at-home moms. GoToMeeting has online video conferencing, including smartphone access, and offers a 30-day free trial. Dropbox allows users to simultaneously work on a document or spreadsheet with free services up to 2GB. Google Drive is a free, handy tool for sharing and collaborating on documents, and the Work at Home Forum provides current lists full of opportunities and advice for the telecommuting mom.

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