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Home Safety: Neighborhood Watch Resources

Making neighborhoods safe for our children is at the top of everyone’s list. No one wants to feel unsafe in his or her own home or neighborhood. One way to help our children stay safe is to teach them how to act and react when at home and out in the neighborhood. Simple things, like fire and street safety, as well as stranger danger are good tools for your child to learn. Setting up a neighborhood watch is also a way to make the entire community safer for everyone.
A neighborhood watch is a program that focuses on discouraging crime in any given community. Neighbors either collectively keep an eye on things or may create a neighborhood watch team to routinely walk specified areas. In either case, it is neighbors looking out for neighbors. For example, a next-door neighbor might watch out for another family’s home while they are on vacation.

A neighborhood watch can discourage break-ins, car theft and other crime by aggressively reporting any and all suspicious activity. It is a proven method of making our communities safer. Without a neighborhood watch, neighborhoods may end up covered in graffiti, there may be an increased presence of drug dealing, and gang activity. Criminals do not linger in areas where they know they are likely to be seen and turned in. The following is a collection of resources and educational material to help educate children and their parents, teachers, and community members about the importance of a neighborhood watch and how to get one started in your area.

Child Safety

Neighborhood Safety Network a variety of publications, posters, checklists, and tools that can be downloaded for free.

BJC Healthcare links to related safety topics and an article: The Secret to Neighborhood Safety Is Supervision

Tips and Resources

National Crime Prevention Lists of PDF files and links on various programs, events and topics.

Safety Resource a variety of articles on home, fire, travel, work, car and other general safety.

City of Manhattan Beach Public Safety Resources and Tips

Witness Justice a listing of links regarding survivor resources

Community Services This site offers PDF files that cover recommendations for business, home and neighborhood.

Emergency Preparedness links, resources and emergency contact information.

National Neighborhood Watch Institute Offers a variety of information and helpful prevention materials

USA On Watch National preparedness month is September and this page has supporting articles, a resource of the week and other helpful information.

Safety Info and Neighborhood Watch links to home safety as well as burglary prevention, neighborhood watch and other safety information.

Neighborhood Safety tips on how to stay safe on your block and in the community.

Metro Police A block Captains’ duties

Parental Helps

Kidprint Program an electronic identification program provided by the Lexington Division of Police for youth ages 17 and under.

CRIME PREVENTION AND SAFETY a list of PDF links to pages on general safety as well as child safety.

Social Services Information on leaving your child home alone safely, includes print outs and links.

Monthly Neighborhood Watch Links to pages for neighborhood for kids, downloadable cartoon map, resources and more.

Information for Adults Learn how to protect your family from predators

Halloween Safety Helpful hints to keeping your child safe in the neighborhood while trick or treating.

Keeping Kids Out of Gangs Warning signs, ideas and how to keep graffiti out of your neighborhood.

Beyond the Front Yard pages that based on creating safer streets and play places for children

Kids Pages and Programs

McGruff Information on Strangers and Other Dangers

Safety Kids Curriculum, safety tips, songs and videos are available, plus other interesting information.

r.a.d. KIDS r.a.d.Kids is open to boys and girls kindergarten through 6th grade (ages 5 to 12) in Sugarland Texas and covers virtually all aspects of child safety awareness.

Help Keep Kids Safe Tips for pedestrian safety on the road and near railroads that includes a quiz.

Sparky activities, fire trucks, cartoons and quizzes, plus a parent’s page.

Coloring Pages

Activity Village Kids Safety Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages for Kids Educational coloring pages on health and Safety

US Fire downloadable coloring pages

Helpful Regional Pages

Louisville Kentucky an article titled: Why is neighborhood and long-range planning important? Includes related links for area.

City of Charlotte Resources, tools and how to establish a program.

Tucson Police Department Includes basic information and links on how to map, getting a watch sign and more.

Spokane Sheriff Maps and Resources

City of Grants Pass OR Neighborhood watch program includes community programs, newsletter and fire.

West Hollywood CA links to help you get through the process as well as a link to receive email updates.

Utah Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch Programs in Utah

Texas Crime Prevention Association The Texas mid-winter conference.


At Your Library Article: Keep Your Home Safe

Community Development a variety of articles on such topics as how a neighborhood will lower your crime rate, how to start one and how they work.

Health Article: How neighborhood watch sparks neighborhood play.

Attorney General Article: Neighborhood Watch Groups Cited For Achievements-Thirteen Organizations Honored for Improving Quality of Life in their Communities

Child Health Article: Perceived Neighborhood Safety