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The Definitive Guide To Home Loans

Home Loan Basics

Home Loan Programs

Home Loan Tips

Home Loan Types

Home Loan Basics

Home Loans for First Time Buyers – Selecting a house can be the easiest part of the process!

Home Loans with Bad Credit – Home loans do exist for people with poor credit. But they’re not easy to find.

FHA Loan Requirements – You may want to consider getting an Federal Housing Authority (FHA) backed loan to finance your home.

Mortgage Insurance & Premiums Explained – For most home mortgage lenders, there is a benchmark for equity required for a normal mortgage loan.

Property Investment & Mortgages In a Retirement Account – It’s probable that more investors would consider real estate for retirement investing if they knew that their retirement account could fund it.

Home Loan Programs

First Time Home Buyer Programs – There may be several programs including grants, for first time home buyers in your area.

Mortgage Modification Programs – Loan modifications exist to help homeowners that have suddenly incurred financial hardship (like losing a job) that prevents you from making payments.

Home Loan Tips

Home Equity Loans vs Line of Credit – To get those needed funds you may be able to tap into your home equity.

FHA Loan Snags – Common Problems & How to Overcome Them – Knowing where a snag can develop and threaten the mortgage and closing is important.

Home Loans for Mobile or Manufactured Homes – Even in the area of home loans, there is starting to be some parity between manufactured homes and traditionally built homes.

Pay Cash or Get a Home Loan? – Should you pay cash, or should you get a home loan?

Is a First Time Buyer Home Loan Right for You? – First-time home loans, backed by a government agency, are wonderful programs that can help open doors for a family that may not otherwise been able to afford to buy a home.

Tips for Finding the Best Home Loan Rate – Take some time now to do your research. This can save you years of heartache down the road.

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