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Curb Appeal: 53 Articles on How Dressing Up Your Home’s Exterior Improves the Resale Value

Posted November 1st, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

With the popularity of home makeover reality and improvement shows, there is a real interest in beautification and restoration of our homes interiors and exteriors.  This is not only because we concern ourselves with keeping up appearances, but also because home improvements can positively reflect your home’s worth and resale value.  Here is a list of articles that explain how you can dress up your homes exterior to improve your home’s resale value.

  1. Move – This is a great article about how simple additions to your landscape can make a big difference in your home’s worth.
  2. Healthy Landscapes – This is an article about a new concept in landscaping called a rain garden that adds beauty and worth to your home.
  3. Green Home Guide – This article is about how sustainable landscaping can cut down environmental risks, save water, and give your home a higher resale value.
  4. Earth Friendly Landscapes – This is a blog about how ditching the lawn and going with a hardscape is better for the environment and your property value.
  5. Alliance for Community Trees – This is an article about how trees save the planet and raise property value.
  6. Real Estate Brothers – This is an article about the investment returns on adding some curb appeal to your home landscaping.
  7. National Gardening Association – This is an informative blog about the benefits of hard and landscaping to profit from your home.
  8. Doan’s Landscaping – This blog has some interesting statistics about home resale value and landscaping.
  9. Bankrate – This article has a list of 20 ways to alter the resale value of your home by changing the interior and exterior.
  10. Fort Worth Landscaping – This is an article about how one firm was able to increase the resale values of an entire community through landscaping.
  11. Home Remodeling Guide – This is an article about easy and inexpensive ways to landscape your home and get a real turn of investment.
  12. Money – This is an article about 3 very easy ways to increase your home’s property value inside and out.
  13. Lawn & Garden – This is an article about the importance of a good design to your landscape and how it can earn 20% to your home value.
  14. Plant-Care – This article explains how properly installed landscaping can unfold the potential in your home’s net worth.
  15. Peg Maloney – This is a great article about how the first impression your home creates can earn you more money at the closing.
  16. Home DecoDirect – This is an interesting article about the value of curb appeal and how your home’s resale potential is riding on great landscaping.
  17. Free Money Finance – This blog has some really interesting and cheap landscaping tricks that will make your home’s resale value soar for very little money.
  18. Landscape and Irrigation – This article explains why certain landscaping techniques place higher resale value on your home and has additional values of good landscaping.
  19. Virginia Cooperative Extension – This is an article about how exterior improvements to your home not only add property value but also add to the economic and environmental well being of your community.
  20. Landscape-America – This is an article that explains landscape investment statistics, expected returns of investment, and how property and resale value benefit.
  21. Garden Guides – This article has 4 steps to landscaping and improving your exterior to improve your home’s value and includes needed materials.
  22. Boston – This is an article that gives expert advice about what types of landscaping will make the difference in your home value.
  23. Fresh Air Designs – This is an article about the returns that one can expect with carefully planned home improvements and landscaping.
  24. PRWeb – This article examines all of the benefits to great landscaping outside of an increased resale value.
  25. Ohio Department of Natural Resources – This is a great article about the easiest thing you can do to dress up your home’s landscape and raise your property value—plant trees!
  26. Home Improvement – This is a really interesting article about using your home’s curb appeal to increase the resale value.
  27. Handy American – This article has 101 ways to increase your home’s property value through landscaping.
  28. Examiner – This article has some great ideas about how to increase your resale value through landscaping in a bad economy.
  29. Virginia Tech – This is an article about a survey about the value of good landscaping and its effect on perceived home values.
  30. Realty Times – This is a really interesting article about how such a simple thing as mulch can add to the curb appeal of a home and its resale value.
  31. Rhonda Day – This is an article about the landscaping secrets that will add much needed curb appeal to your home’s net worth.
  32. Arbor Day Foundation – This article by a well known source outlines the statistics and benefits of adding trees to your home’s exterior.
  33. Buzzle – This article explains the benefits of beneficial landscaping, environmentally friendly landscaping and sustainable landscaping to your home and other aspects of your life.
  34. eHow – This is an instructional article about how to improve your home’s resale value with great landscaping.
  35. bnet – This is an empirical investigation of the relationship between landscaping and home values.
  36. Town of Surf City – This is an article about how many homeowners may think that their home improvements end inside the home but outside is what really counts.
  37. Sellsius – This is an article about 12 do-it yourself ideas to improve the resale value of your home.
  38. ActiveRain – This is an article about the many things that homeowners do to raise the property value to their homes before a sale both inside and outdoors.
  39. Shawn Perez – This is a blog article that details the top 10 renovations in the home and its exterior that is cost-effective and beneficial from a realtor’s standpoint for maximizing your home’s potential for sale.
  40. Austin Outdoor Living – This article is all about hardscapes and their benefits in beauty and the value of your home.
  41. Article Wolf – This article examines why freshening up your front yard is a good investment.
  42. LoHud – This article talks about taking the time to garden and landscape not only as a preventative measure for weather changes but also for your home value and more.
  43. Rainbow Dori – This is a very detailed article about which home maintenance and improvement changes have the greatest return of investment indoors and outdoors.
  44. Real Estate Zone – This is an article about picking your battles in the home improvement wars and maximizing your outdoor space for more value.
  45. Loan Arrangers – This is a list of home improvement projects that are sure to raise your home’s value and raise curb appeal.
  46. AutoRoll – This is an article about what improvements you can make to your home’s landscape to get the best value out of your home.
  47. Real Zen Life – This article rates different types of home improvements and how they measure up to your home’s potential resale value.
  48. Building Materials 365 – This article gives examples of which landscaping improvements are beneficial to your curb appeal and to your taxes.
  49. DoItYourself – This is a great article about how you can increase the curb appeal of your home and the contents of your wallet at resale.
  50. Anacortes Homes – This article has ideas for selling your home in a down market and making a profit through land and hardscaping.
  51. Yodle – This is an interesting article about raising the resale value of your home through simple attention to your home’s curb appeal.
  52. ServiceMagic – This article gives tips and tricks to creating lasting curb appeal and raising your home’s potential resale value.
  53. Home Improvement Guide – This article asks the important question: does your home have enough curb appeal? What can you do for your home’s resale value?

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