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49 Resource Blogs to Help You Through the Home Buying Process

Posted May 28th, 2010
by Staff (5 comments)

Your home in a majority of cases is the biggest purchase of your life.  There are many factors to consider in the home buying process.  What is your credit like currently? Where is it you want to live in the country or in the city? What style of house do you want? What are the taxes and school systems like in the community you want to buy in?  What is the crime rate in your perspective neighborhood? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer before you purchase a home.

  1. Joe Lane Real Estate Blog For people considering purchasing a home in the Tri Cities Washington are this is a blog you must check out. This blog also has a great list of general Real Estate blogs and websites.
  2. Reuben home inspection blog before buying any house it is critical to have a complete home inspection done.  Any house could have a minor or even major problem you can not see from the outside.  Save yourself a great deal of headaches and heartaches by having your home inspected first.
  3. 360 digest. Learn about the real estate industry from the inside. This informative and some times humorous blog will give you a better idea of how the Real Estate industry works you can use this knowledge to save money on your future home purchase.
  4. Get the scoop on appraisals as a home buyer an appraisal can either work in your favor or work against you. Learn more about how an appraisal works so you can make sure your potential homes is accurate.
  5. The Housing Bubble Blog you are excited you are ready to purchase your first house, but how does the downturn in the real estate market affect your purchase? Has the housing markets bubble burst? Learn if it is possible to turn a bad situation to your advantage.
  6. Critical first steps before you buy a house Great blog post which help you access your current situation. Learn the basics what information to get ready and what to expect when you go for a loan.
  7. V. A. Housing loans for Veterans. You have served your country now you want to purchase your dream home. What are your options? Where do you go to get information?
  8. Guide to the Home Buying Process in the USA Step by step guide to how to buy a House in the USA. This blog is written by a British “ex pat” and these steps apply to anyone around the world who wants to purchase a home in the United States.
  9. Tips for first time home buyers Is this your first home purchase? Do you have questions about the whole home buying process? This blog will help guide you through step by step to help keep the stress of the situation down.
  10. What is a Short sale real estate purchase? A short sale is when a bank sells off a mortgage at an amount LESS then the amount owed on the mortgage. Learn if this is something you can do to get a great deal on your house.
  11. How to purchase a home with bad credit.  Lets face it not all of us have perfect credit.  Are you a potential homebuyer but think it is out of reach?  Learn what can and can not be done.
  12. How to buy a House by Seth Godin Learn the Pros and Cons about buying a house from a champion do gooder and marketer. This is a must read and reality check for home buyers.
  13. Renting versus buying Learn how purchasing a home can help you build wealth for your and your future generations. Depending on your area renting can be throwing money away. Check out some real life examples of the benefits of buying your own home.
  14. Buying and selling a home Very complete A-Z guide of buying and selling homes form Elizabeth Weintraub from About.
  15. San Diego home blog looking for information on buying or selling a home in the San Diego area this is a great blog to check out.
  16. Loan modification blog What if you are one of the millions who already own a house? Learn what rights you have in these tough economic times.  Have you ever considered a mortgage loan modification?
  17. Mortgage broker directory. Large listing of Mortgage Brokers through out the United States.
  18. Multi family investment blog. Are you looking for more information on multi family buildings?  This blog is specific to NYC but also has some great tips for the real estate investor looking to buy.
  19. Rental property blog. What if your house search goes longer then expected?  Here is a blog that can help you find a suitable rental so your idea home search can continue successfully.
  20. Properties homes and more blog follow along as this Blogger searches for a new house, great perspective from a new home buyer who also loves to blog…
  21. What is my new neighborhood REALLY like? Sometimes a nighttime drive through is not enough learn more about the neighborhood you want to call home.
  22. New Home buying blog many people want to buy a new home, learn the right way to go through the process. Learn to maximize your tax credits and deductions for new home purchases.
  23. Meet MoJo Are you looking to buy real estate but do not have all the funds necessary? Meet MoJo might be the place for you. Meet, connect and find other real estate investors and sellers.
  24. Home inspection services because an ounce of inspection is worth a pound of repair. Please make sure to have your house properly inspected before purchase. Learn tips from an insider.
  25. Can you still buy a home with no money down? For some people with good credit it is still possible to purchase a house with zero down.  Learn more about the trends and tactics.
  26. First time home buyers It is still possible for a first time home buyer to qualify for a mortgage, in some cases even with no money down.  Do you qualify? Learn more.
  27. Are no down payment FHA loans a thing of the past? Join Pat Regnier from More Money as he discusses what has happened to the FHA no money down program.
  28. Learn about different types of mortgage loans Learn from mark Madsen about all the different mortgage loans available from you. This blog has a large list of contributing authors who are also real estate agents.
  29. What is earnest money? Why do you need to pay any earnest money? For that matter what exactly is earnest money? Learn more from Stu.
  30. Home owner’s associations law. Many people prefer to buy a home in a community. In some cases you have to become a member of the home owners association. Learn your rights.
  31. What is a 203k rehabilitation loan? Do you have your eye on an older house which needs some repairs? A 203k rehabilitation loan might be just the thing to get your home purchase rolling.
  32. For the first time home buyer. Read information about your first home purchase on Jeff Dowlers blog. Great information for people looking to buy in California.
  33. You want to purchase a home and horse farm. A very specific blog which follows the dream of a happy couple who make it happen. Great inspirational information and pictures. You can make your home ownership dreams come true also.
  34. I want to buy a condo a condo is a great alternative and in many cases equal to home ownership. Do you want to own a property but not have to worry about outside upkeep? A condo can be a good alternative for you.
  35. John Barker’s Mortgage Blog A whole selection of tools for the potential home buyer. Mortgage checkup, Twitter feed and more, John has his finger on the pulse of the mortgage industry.
  36. I want to buy a ranch where do I get information? Many people want to return to living off the land, are you one of them? Learn how you can purchase a ranch and build and develop it just the homesteaders used to.
  37. Land, land and more land. What is one thing that there can never be any more made of? LAND, there is a limited supply so the demand is always going to increase. The size of your lot or homestead is going to greatly affect the value of your overall property.
  38. I want to buy a house in a foreign country you want to buy a house overseas somewhere. What is the process? What are the benefits? You might be very surprised at the value of your dollar. Many people are considering this option for a home purchase.
  39. Learn about Foreclosed homes. You can get some good deals on foreclosed home. Learn more what to look for and what to avoid.
  40. What is a survey and why do you need one? You just bought your first home and it has two acres. Or does it? A survey is important because it shows you exactly where your boundaries are. Oh yes and it also matters come property tax time.
  41. How to check your potential homes school systems success rates As parents you want to make sure your children have the best education possible.  Part of your home purchase may involve moving your children to another school learn about your new potential neighborhood. .
  42. Crime stats for your potential neighborhood. We all hope for a peaceful life where you can leave your doors open at night. Just for peace of mind sake check out the crime statistics in the area you are considering buying a home.
  43. Learn how to buy acreage blog some people would prefer to buy land and build a new home. Learn how with this blog, with over fifteen states and territories covered you will be able to either find some land or at a minimum learn how the process works.
  44. What home can you really afford? Home Ownership Expense Calculator. This free excel spreadsheet is great to see what home you can realistically afford to buy and maintain.
  45. Five best cities to get a home deal in I am a city person how can I find a house? Some people want the hustle and bustle of the city are you one of them? Learn how to find your dream city home.
  46. I need elbow room where can I find a home in another country?  You might just be able to buy your island getaway find out the facts.
  47. Top 50 place to buy an old house. By the creators of This Old House The name says it all if you want to purchase and restore an old house this blog is a must view..
  48. Twelve ways to save on your home insurance. Learn twelve common sense tips to help lower your home insurance rates.
  49. Home improvement this blog covers the technical aspects of home improvement as well it has some great sections and posts about the tools you will need to complete your improvements
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  • Posted June 15th, 2010 by Rhonda Fredrickson at 9:04 am - Reply

    Looking for rental homes serves as great practice for buying a home. We rented a place a few years ago, and the agent failed to mention there had been a murder nearby just a few weeks before we signed our lease! My advice: Do your own research, ESPECIALLY if you are buying.

  • Posted June 15th, 2010 by Natalie G. at 10:57 am - Reply

    What a great list. Now seems like a great time to buy a home because the rates are so low!

  • Posted June 16th, 2010 by Johnathon at 9:09 am - Reply

    I think the most important thing is to find a realtor that you trust. I would ask around to see if you have friends or family who have had good (or bad) experiences in the past.

    • Posted June 16th, 2010 by larry at 12:12 pm - Reply

      Ditto. Make sure you find someone who will have your best interests in mind and isn’t only worried about commission.

  • Posted June 18th, 2010 by Albany Homes at 10:16 am - Reply

    Thanks for the information. Finding a good deal is so difficult these days :)

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