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49 Articles on Renovation and How to Determine How Much Fixin’ Up is Enough

Posted October 21st, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

Many people spend a lot of money renovating their homes. If you buy the home new you may spend less money up front. When thinking of fixing your home up you may wonder how much to really do. You should consider the time you are going to be living there. If you are fixing it up to sell then most people only do the bare essentials. Deciding how much is enough is up to you. You can choose to spend a lot or a little depending on the renovations you want to do. Read through these articles to see when it is time to stop renovating and maybe start looking else where.

  1. Fix it or Sell As Is: One blogger talks about whether or not you should put money into the home you are selling. Find out here whether it should be fixed or if you should just sell it as it stands now.
  2. Fix it Up or Buy New: Discover the pros and cons to fixing up an older home or if you should buy a new one. See both sides of the coin here and decide for yourself.
  3. Fix it Tips: Just because you decide to fix up your home does not mean you are having to do major remodeling. You can do a little at a time here and there. Get tips on how to do small renovations without breaking the bank.
  4. How to Fix up Your Home to Sell: If you are wanting to sell your home, sometimes you should do a few things around the house before selling. Get tips here on how to fix it up and sell it.
  5. Winterizing Homes: Here are a few things that you need to fix if you are in a manufactured home. These are not things you want to let go in the winter time.
  6. Remodel or Sell: Try this check list to see if you should go ahead and remodel or just sell your home.
  7. How Much will it Cost: Read here to find out how much remodeling will actually cost you. Sometimes it is better to upgrade to a newer home than to do the remodeling on an older one
  8. Remodel the Smart Way: Get tips on how to remodel your home without spending a fortune. There are small things you can do and money saving tips here as well
  9. Do it Yourself Kitchen: Get the tips and tricks here to do it yourself in your kitchen remodeling. You can remodel your kitchen and love the new look.
  10. Kitchen Details: Here are a few suggestions on how to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank. There are ways to save money without cutting the quality.
  11. Estimating Cost: Learn how to estimate the cost of your remodel before sinking into it. It may make more sense to buy a new home.
  12. Create Your Home: One couple decided to renovate the older home they had to create the home they wanted. Hear their story here and when to decide if this will work for you.
  13. Move or Renovate: Learn when it is time to consider moving instead of renovating your current residence.
  14. Renovate or Detonate: Find out when you should go ahead and move out of your home instead of renovating it. Sometimes it is better to upgrade to a new house.
  15. Renovate or Move Out: Sometimes it is better to just move into a different house than to spend the time and money on renovating your old house.
  16. Move vs. Renovate: Find out when it is time to move out or if you should just renovate what you have. You may be surprised what these real estate agents think.
  17. Are You Happy: If you are happy with your current location you may just want to renovate what you have. If not it may be time to move on to another location instead of renovating.
  18. Remodel or Move: When you are thinking about moving take a look here. They can help you decide whether to move or just remodel your current home.
  19. Abbey’s Guide: Get a few tips here on when you should remodel your home or when it is time to move out. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before doing either.
  20. Should I Move?: One realtor shares their thoughts on whether remodeling or moving is your best option. Read here to see what they have to say about when you should move out.
  21. Surviving a Remodel: Take a deep breath and know that you will make it through. Here are a few tips to get you through the remodeling of your home.
  22. Remodel or Buy New: This is a question many people often ask themselves. It can be a hard decision but you should ask yourself a few questions.
  23. How Much Do I Get Back: Remodeling to sell is often a good idea. Make sure you use a licensed contractor for all your remodeling projects when selling your home.
  24. Ten Things You Know: After tackling a remodel project you will probably know the following ten things. If not, then you should read here before starting a remodel project.
  25. Ten Tips: If you are remodeling you should stop by here. Get the top ten tips on your remodeling project here.
  26. Ask Your Contractor: Be sure to ask questions of your contractor. Don’t just take his word without asking and comparing prices.
  27. FAQ on Remodeling or Moving: Stop by here to see the most FAQ on whether or not you should remodel your home or if moving is a better option.
  28. Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: When remodeling your kitchen come here to get a few ideas for your new kitchen. You may decide that you want to add more or less than first thought.
  29. 10 Questions for You: If you are considering remodeling then you should ask yourself these questions. They can help you decide to remodel or to move.
  30. Going Green: Get green ideas on how to remodel your home. Learn how to get your home green and save money.
  31. Questions to Ask Your Remodeler: Make sure to get the answers to these questions when you are hiring someone to remodel for you.
  32. Good Questions: When you are remodeling your kitchen it is often hard to cook meals. Here are a few ideas on how to eat while you are remodeling.
  33. Top 10 Questions: You should make sure to ask these questions to the contractor you are considering for your remodeling project.
  34. Estimated Cost: See this chart to get an idea of what certain projects can cost you. You may find the cost is more than you want to put into your current home.
  35. Remodeling Tips: Do not pay more than you have to on remodeling projects. Get more than one estimate to insure a fair price.
  36. Addition Cost: Read here to get a few details on what a room addition can cost you.
  37. Rules of Remodeling: See what the guidelines are on whether you should remodel or not. Sometimes it is better to just move than spend the money on renovations.
  38. Project Cost: See a few examples on what a kitchen remodel can cost you. These are just estimates on what these types could cost you. You will need to have an estimate done to know exactly the price.
  39. Kitchen Remodeling: Here you can find great ideas on ways to remodel your kitchen.
  40. Room Addition: See what the room addition could cost you. Make your decision on whether it is worth adding a room or if you should move.
  41. Understanding the Cost: Get help here understanding all that it could cost you to remodel your home. Get an idea of what typical renovations cost.
  42. Remodel Project: If you are looking to add a room onto your home start here. See what it could cost you and also what you could be in for.
  43. Calculate Cost: See what it could cost you when you are considering remodeling your home.
  44. Cost of Additions: Adding on a room can be just what your home needs. See what it could cost you in the end.
  45. Remodeling Ideas: Here are a few ideas to get you started on your next remodel project.
  46. Low Cost: Get some great low cost upgrades you can do to your home without breaking the bank.
  47. Kitchen Ideas: If your kitchen needs a new do, try stopping here to find some great ideas. You can upgrade any kitchen if you need to.
  48. Remodeling Ideas: Need a few good ideas for remodeling? Try this site to help you get the creative juices flowing.
  49. Time for Remodeling: When you have decided to upgrade your home, stop by this site for great ideas.

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