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48 Posts with Great Info about FHA Home Loans

Posted July 26th, 2010
by Staff (1 comment)

If you are looking to buy a new home then you should definitely look into an FHA home loan. FHA loans can be great for the first time buyer and there are many benefits of having an FHA loan. Here are some blog posts that talk about FHA home loans so you can see if this is the best way for you to go when purchasing a house.

  1. Ricky Bobby’s Blog – A Florida-based blog with information explaining what FHA loans are how they can help the average citizen buy a home for the first time.
  2. The Wealthy Review – This post gives a history of FHA loans and info about who can get them and how.
  3. Barbwire’s Blog – This blog has information on the differences between FHA loans and conventional loans for homebuyers.
  4. FHA Loan Pros – This blog has information about why the FHA loan program is beneficial for those who qualify for the PACE program.
  5. Realtor Blog – This is a blog created by realty specialists and offers information about how current homeowners can make their home FHA friendly for a quick sale.
  6. Suite101 – Here is some helpful information about getting down payment assistance with an FHA home loan.
  7. RISMedia – This blog dispels myths about FHA loans and gives info about the FHA process and how the government is aiding homebuyers in getting the homes that they really want.
  8. Sean’s Wire – This blog gives information about how FHA loans can help reduce your monthly payment and your initial down payment.
  9. Info Media Inc. – Here is some great info on FHA borrower’s rights and loan criteria.
  10. T-Rex Global – This blog has a wealth of information about FHA policy changes and how they will affect homebuyers.
  11. FHA Loan Requirements – This FHA blog has information on the pros and cons of choosing a veteran loan or an FHA loan.
  12. Press About – This blog has information on FHA loan requirements in regard to credit scores and down payment.
  13. Reverse Mortgage Daily – This blog offers info about HUD rules designed to strengthen FHA Loan risk management.
  14. The Mortgage Brain – This is a great blog that gives info on the steps needed to successfully complete an FHA loan application from start to finish.
  15. LoanSafe – This blog has a lot of information about FHA first look sales method and what that means for homebuyers.
  16. AllNews365 – This post reports on very important changes in FHA regulations that affect homebuyers’ interest rate, closing costs and down payments.
  17. Mortgage Mythbusters – Readers of this blog will find five facts about FHAs that agents and buyers need to know.
  18. Real Estate Investing – This blog explains terminology used during the home buying process and info about FHA loans and why what you don’t know will cost you.
  19. Urban Insurance – This blog has interesting information on FHA loan insurance, rates and premiums.
  20. Massachusetts Real Estate News – This professionally written blog explains how to qualify for FHA and USDA loans and gives information about requirements for each.
  21. Mortgage Fraud and News – This blog covers information related to frequently asked questions about FHA loans and refinancing a mortgage.
  22. Jan O’Brien’s Blog – This is another professionally written blog with info about 3 FHA policy changes that affect eligibility.
  23. Mike Galbally’s Blog – This blog offers info about FHA loans and explains what they are, how they are obtained and who can get one.
  24. Mortgages Unzipped – This is a blog that summarizes the changes to FHA loan information inclusive of down payment percentages, credit scores, and insurance premiums.
  25. Finance Moz – This is a helpful blog with info about FHA loans, what you need to apply, and how to tell if you can afford to own a home.
  26. Clay Lee’s Blog – This blog offers info about FHA loan requirements and the newly raised loan limits.
  27. Think Your Way to Wealth – The information in this blog refers to FHA, USDA, and VA loans and how each are a great choice for new home buyers.
  28. Stock Markets Review – This blog has information about FHA loan requirements, who may use them and what their benefits are.
  29. Sue Mellett’s Blog – This Texas-based blog gives information about FHA loans and how they can help professionals like teachers, firefighters, and EMTs who want to buy a home but programs for their professions are depleted.
  30. Karen List’s Blog – This blog explores information about FHA loans and who may or may not benefit from them at closing time.
  31. FHA Connection – This is a brief blog with background info about FHA loans and what makes them so popular.
  32. Refinance – This blog has great information about refinancing your home using FHA loans.
  33. Pacita Dimacali’s Blog – This is important information to consider about the FHA loan anti-flipping waiver and what it means for you to buy houses to flip for profit.
  34. Mortgage Delights – The information and tools in this blog are designed to aid the confused and struggling homebuyer with an FHA loan.
  35. Competitive Enterprise Institute – A resourceful blog that has a lot of information about the subprime market and FHA loans for those with less than perfect credit.
  36. New Hampshire Refinance – This blog lists info about all the benefits of FHA streamline loans.
  37. ECredit Daily – This blog has information about the tightening credit requirements for FHA loans aimed at managing risk and keeping the market stable.
  38. Remax Classic Group Blog – This is an informational blog that dispels rumors and myths about FHA loans and who they are for.
  39. The Truth About Mortgage – This post gives important insight into the reasons for the FHA loan requirements to tighten their eligibility.
  40. Bill Polack’s Blog – This blog written by a real estate professional gives detailed information about the two types of FHA home loans: 203b and 203k.
  41. Vecduo Real Estate Blog – This blog is a commentary with info about FHA refinance rates.
  42. ChiTown Living – This is a blog with great information about how to utilize the FHA spot loan procedure and HUD search tools to find your next home.
  43. Jacqueline Clarke’s Blog – This is a blog from an industry professional with great info about the 203k FHA home loan.
  44. Calculators4Mortgages – This blog offers information on steps to obtaining an FHA loan.
  45. BDNationwideMortgage Blog – An informational blog from loan professionals about FHA loans and fixed rate options.
  46. Casey Trejo’s Blog – This is a blog that contains info about FHA 203k loan programs and property conditions under this program.
  47. Barbara and Susi – This is a list of 7 things that all borrows should know about FHA loans with info about each.
  48. Julie Reddington’s Blog – This is a guide with information about which FHA loans are the best for different types of homeowners.
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