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47 Posts to Help You Determine the Amount of House You Can Afford

Posted October 25th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

Knowing how much you can spend when shopping for a new home makes the process much easier and less stressful. There are many calculators, formulas and guides about figuring out how much home you can afford. Besides mortgage payments, there are closing costs, down payments, taxes and sometimes Home Owner Association fees. These must all be taken into account when figuring out how much you are able to spend on your home. Below are 50 articles which shed light on how to determine how the amount of the house can afford.

  1. Determining Affordability Before Visiting a Broker: Affordability of home is determined by credit score, income, interest rate, down payment, and current monthly bills. Determining this info yourself before visiting a broker may save you time and money.
  2. Budget For New Home: It is important to determine your new home budget before pre-approval and searching for a home.
  3. Home Affordability Calculators: Discussing home affordability by using calculators to determine how much home you can afford, what interest you will pay, and debt to income ratio calculators.
  4. Mathematical Mortgage Equation: Using a mathematical formula to determine how much of a house you can inform. Seems to simplistic, but many mortgage brokers can attest to this formula working.
  5. Can You Really Afford a Home?: When you are considering buying a home you must remember that you will have utility bills, home owner association fees, taxes and maintenance costs to factor in as well as the mortgage.
  6. Realistic Mortgage Amounts: Discusses aspects of home mortgages that many may forget, including other fees and bills, what annual gross income is, and what is monthly debt amount.
  7. Tips For New Home Buying: Blog discussing tips for buying a new home. One great tip is to live as if you already own the home, i.e., put aside the amount of the mortgage every month and see if you are able to afford the amount.
  8. 11 Steps to Buying a Home: San Francisco realtor discusses 11 steps to buying the perfect home. Steps include: knowing how much you can afford, knowing your limit, and knowing that the broker is not a magician.
  9. Estimating How Much Home You Can Afford: Estimating how much home you can afford, by using your annual income, housing expense ratio, debt to income ratio and down payment amounts to determine your budget.
  10. Can You Afford a Home?: Can you afford a house payment every month? If so, how much can you afford?
  11. Can You Afford a Home Today?: Buying a home in today’s economy is rough, and this article focuses on if buying a home is feasible for you in today’s economy.
  12. Do I Have Enough Income to Afford a Home?: Tips to determine if you can afford home ownership. Do you have too much debt or not enough income?
  13. Tips for Mortgage Amounts: British site discussing tips about how much home you can afford. Focuses on not making mortgage payments of more than 40 percent of what you earn.
  14. Creative Home Buying Solutions: Creative solutions for affording a home in Britain.
  15. British Mortgage Calculator: How much can I afford to pay for a home in the United Kingdom? Advice and a calculator to figure payments.
  16. Questions to Ask When Buying a Home: Questions you should ask when discussing buying a home in Britain.
  17. Online Mortgage Calculators: Using financial online calculators and advice to determine how much home you can afford.
  18. Can You Afford it All?: Can you afford a house, a car and all your bills? Here are tips to determine if you can pay everything and own a home as well.
  19. How Much of a Loan Can I Afford?: How much loan can I afford? A loan should be about thirty percent of your income, with a low debt to income ratio.
  20. First Time Home Buyer Advice: Advice for first time home buyers about how much house they can really afford. What happens during the process and how to only buy a house within your budget.
  21. Fee Chart For Homebuyers: Informative blog from a realtor discussing all fees and costs associated with buying a home. Also, provides a calculator to determine your fees and costs.
  22. British Fees Associated With Buying a Home: Factors that potential home buyers should remember when searching for a home to buy. This site lists fees and calculators for potential buyers to use.
  23. Fee And Cost List: British site listing all fees and associated costs of buying a home. Can you afford all of these costs right now?
  24. British Costs Associated With Home Buying: The United Kingdom has several cost associated with buying a new home, including surveys, stamp fees, and solicitor fees. General estimates about each of these costs are discussed.
  25. Upfront Costs Associated With Buying a Home: To buy a home you need both up front money and money for future monthly mortgage payments, can you cover both?
  26. Young Adult Home Buying Rules: Geared towards young adults looking to buy their first home. Gives the rules and norms of buying a home.
  27. Factors in Buying a Home: Before you buy a home, you must consider the following factors: your monthly income, long-term debts, cash you can accumulate for down payment and closing costs.
  28. Debt to Income Ratio: Debt to income ratio is an important factor in determining how much you home you can afford to buy. Your total debt to income ratio, including mortgage should be approximately 29 to 41 percent of your total income.
  29. Budgetting For a Home: Just because you qualify for a loan amount, that does not mean you can pay that amount comfortably. Tips for staying within a realistic budget when buying a home.
  30. Canadian Home Mortgage Calculator: Canadian website with a mortgage calculator and information about home buying.
  31. Modular Home Mortgages: Guide discussing modular homes and how much you can afford. Discusses unconventional loans as well as traditional mortgage loans.
  32. New Zealand Home Loans: Buying a home in New Zealand can be expensive for young adults. Tips and advice for staying within budget.
  33. First Time Canadian Home Buyer: Canadian website discussing how much home a first time buyer can afford. Gives a formula for figuring out how much home you can afford.
  34. Rules of Thumb for Home Purchases: Four rules of thumb for how much home you can afford. Most people say between three and five times your gross annual salary is that amount of home that you can purchase.
  35. Young Home Buyers: How to afford a home when you’re young and don’t have a lot of cash on hand. What can you afford when you are you are just starting out?
  36. Four Things to Do Before You Buy a Home: Four steps you should take before you consider buying a home, steps include: save a large amount of money, sell stuff you do not need, fix you credit, know why you want to buy, and know how much you can and want to spend.
  37. First Time Home Buyer Guide: First time home buyer guide; includes tips and formulas to figure out how much home you can afford.
  38. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans: How much home can I afford and can Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans help me?
  39. Bad Credit Loans: I have bad credit, can I still buy a home and if so, how much can I afford to really pay?
  40. Veteran Loans: I am a veteran, do I qualify for a VHA loan, and if so how much can I afford?
  41. Formulas For Home Loans: Formulas for figuring out how much you may be able to afford. With a steady salary and a little cash up front every potential home buyer should be able to purchase a home.
  42. First Time Home Buyer Guide: A guide for the first time home buyer. It is careful to plan your budget well and know what you are getting into before you purchase a home.
  43. Bad Credit Home Loans: Can those with damaged credit still purchase a home, and if so how much can I afford?
  44. Fix Your Credit Before You Apply: Organize and fix your credit before you apply for a home loan. You will be qualified for a larger loan at a better interest rate if you can fix your credit.
  45. Poor Credit Home Loans: Mortgage lending guides for first time home buyers. Can you afford a home, even if your credit is poor?
  46. Five Ways to Determine How Much Home You Can Afford: Five simple ways to determine how much home you can afford.
  47. First Time Home Buyer Tips: First time home buyer guide, with tips and advice about how much to budget for mortgage every month.

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