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47 Posts About Whats New on the Home Front

Posted September 28th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

In these tough economics times buying and selling a home is challenging for both the seller and buyer. Buyers need to come up with enough cash for down payments and closing, while sellers are trying not to lose money on homes they own. These challenges have caused emerging trends of short-sales, developers making green houses, buyers looking at rent to own options and purchasing smaller homes. Economists, realtors and mortgage brokers are projecting the real estate market to increase in the next few years, and see buyers purchasing bigger homes for more money. These articles discuss current trends in the housing market, and also predictions for how the housing market may change over the next few years.

  1. Loan Workout: A home loan and home modification site that discusses the newest trends and behaviors of home buyers in today’s economy.
  2. Guide to Lenders: A guide for lenders discussing the trends that they should be on the lookout for in the year 2010.
  3. Real Estate ABC: Lists current interest rates and rends and in home-buying across the nation for prospective buyers. Also, lists foreclosure and short sale rates for all states.
  4. Mortgage Fit: While focused on Florida, this webpage also has plentiful information about new market trends for 2010.
  5. Bank Fraud: Focuses on the mortgage litigation field and gives advice to lenders about preventing bank fraud in home loan financing.
  6. Total Mortgage: Discusses current mortgage interest rates across the United States, with comparison charts and graphs.
  7. PT Mortgage: A personal blog of a banker, focusing on trends about home and small business loans. Also discusses the trend of bad credit loans in today’s economy.
  8. Loan Blog: A blog written for the consumer discussing new trends in buying homes, refinancing, etc.
  9. Creditloan blog: A realtor blogs about future home owning trends, and how to take advantage of current markets.
  10. New Home Construction Blog: Emerging trends in home-buying, and how buyers can capitalize on these trends and get the home of their dream.
  11. Welcome Home: Although this blog is focused on Indiana, there is wonderful information about FHA loans for prospective buyers.
  12. Finance Trends: Blog that discusses finance trends in general, but has sections on mortgages and home loans.
  13. New Homes Guide: Discusses how new home trends are affecting buyers and sellers in today’s market.
  14. Doctor Housing Bubble: Discusses what a “housing bubble” is and how it affects people negatively. Gives tips for surviving this negative trend of the economy.
  15. Maryland suburban homes: Although focused on the state of Maryland, this blog still discusses marketing tips and trends that are helping to sell homes in all areas.
  16. Luxury Housing Trends: Luxury home buying trends and how selling and buying luxury homes have changed. Luxury home buying is on the decrease, article focuses on how developers can increase luxury home sales.
  17. MN Home Buyers: Focused on the Minnesota home buyer market, but gives tips to all buyers about ways to buy and sell homes in today’s market.
  18. Styled Staged Sold: Discusses the new trend of styling and staging homes for a quicker and more profitable sale. Article written by a professional interior designer that gives tips and advice about making home look as good as possible for prospective buyers.
  19. Real Estate Channel: Will renting undermine the sales of home buying? This arrticle speaks to the rental market hindering the home mortgage market.
  20. Active Rain Blog: Buyers are looking for smaller, cozier homes in today’s market rather than large, spacious homes. Buyers find smaller homes more affordable and easier to take care in run.
  21. Fixr Blog: The new trend is building green homes, and this article is for the builder who wishes to get started building green homes.
  22. Bigger Pockets: Discusses the trend of buyers spending more money on homes that are built to Green standards. Going green is the trend for many businesses and services in the United States.
  23. Global Base Camps: The trend of building homes to the green standard, this article is written for the builder and developer. Customers enjoy having sustainable homes, and the homes will lessen the depletion of natural resources.
  24. House Plans Blog: Blog discusses tips for building green homes and how to market these new  homes to buyers that are not familiar with the concept.
  25. Credit Karma Blog: Discusses how your credit could affect your refinancing options, and the new trends to short sell homes rather than refinance.
  26. Mortgage News Daily: Discusses three trends of refinancing, exotic mortgages, and affordable housing. All trends are impacting mortgage industry at a significant rate.
  27. Mortgage News Daily: Trend of bad credit home loans, and how you can get one. Just because you have bad credit does not mean that you cannot own a home.
  28. Broken Credit Blog: Can you keep up with the trends of buying home, even if you have bad credit? This blog will give you tips on how to obtain a bad credit home loan.
  29. Strategic Real Estate Coach: Describes the trend of short-selling homes and it benefits both the seller and the buyer.
  30. Phoenix Market Trends: Although this is a Phoenix realtor he discusses the options of short selling versus renting out your home.
  31. WHB Solutions: discusses trends in short sales, are they still a viable solution in today’s economy. Short sales can get you out of the mortgage, but can it ruin your chance of buying another home in the future?
  32. Athens Properties: Trends in Atlanta short sales and foreclosure rates, with graphs and charts.
  33. Total Mortgage Blog: Blog discussing the short sale trend and how they have become easier for lenders to do over the years.
  34. Real Blogging: The trend of short selling may affect a sellers credit for years after the sale is completed.
  35. Foreclosure Listings: Graphical and statistical information about foreclosure rates across the nation.
  36. Foreclosure Data Bank: Discusses how the foreclosure trend is improving in some parts of the country, especially Colorado.
  37. Adnergroup Blog: Realtor wrote blog article about predictions for 2011 real estate trends.
  38. Medill Money Mavens: Economist giving predictions for end of year real estate trends to occur. He also makes predictions for 2011 and beyond.
  39. Tech Savvy Agent: Blog linking social media concepts with real estate trends. How lenders and realtors can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring more buyers to their business.
  40. FSBO blog: For Sale by Owner (FSBO) programs are struggling, and make predictions about the future of the industry.
  41. Webstarget: Predictions focused on SEO real estate marketing and how to collaborate the two.
  42. LucidReality: The trend of rent to own homes, is it one the downfall or even on the way out entirely? Do people will really want to rent a home that they will plan on buying?
  43. Home Buying Institute: Predictions on whether home market will continue downwards or have an increase in 2011.
  44. Get Rich Slowly: The trend of renting to own is on the downward turn, why and how to make it a competitive option for home buying again.
  45. Street Insider: Looking at the future of the Canadian housing market, and how the real estate market looks in the country.
  46. Tim and Julie Harris: Two realtors discuss the next big housing trends of 2011 and beyond.
  47. Cal Finder: A contractor interviews economist Warren Buffett who discussed the housing trends of 2011 and future of buying and selling homes. Buffett thinks the housing market will have a boom over the next few years.

Image Credits: Diana Parkhouse

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