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46 Posts on the Hidden Dangers of the Short Sale

Posted October 18th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

A short sale is a type of real estate sale where the property is being sold off prior to foreclosure. Short sales are held so that the homeowner can earn some money on the sale of the home rather than losing everything to the bank when the foreclosure process is started. There are inherent dangers involved in buying short sale properties or relying on a short sale to sell your property which you must consider. The information found in the list below will help uncover some of the dangers.

  1. Northern Virginia Association of Realtors: A look at what borrowers need to beware of when it comes to deficiency judgments. These deficiency judgments have true staying power.
  2. Amy B Sells: A look at the dangers involved in the foreclosure market and when buying short sales. This is from the opinion of a real estate broker.
  3. Nunez Law Firm: This post warns of the dangerous that are associated with short sales. Not every short sale is a wise decision.
  4. Reform Real Estate: This post looks at the dangers of short sales specifically when you are dealing with a rental property.
  5. Sacramento Real Estate Voice: Here you will find a simple, realistic look at what a short sale is.
  6. Dean Le Baron: This is an in-depth article on the subject of short sales. It covers everything you need to know for a basic understanding of the subject.
  7. Vacation Rental Wonderland: Are you making an offer on the purchase of a short sale property? I f so, here is what you need to be aware of.
  8. California Real Estate Fraud Report:  This real estate fraud blog takes a look at fraud in short sales as a growing problem.
  9. Los Angeles Real Estate Voice: Here you will find information on short sales, homeownership and flopping.
  10. Mark Shandrow: This article is written for people selling short sale properties. It focuses on the “floppers” trend.
  11. Mass Real Estate News: This article is about short sale fraud. It warns that you should beware of short sale investors as they can cause you harm.
  12. Short Sale Artisan: This article focuses on how you can avoid becoming spammed by short sale gurus.
  13. Texas Gulf Coast Online: This article focuses on five scams involving short sale foreclosure home buying.
  14. Loan Workout: This article looks at short sale flopping as a potential housing scam. It warns about people falling victim to this type of scam in the future.
  15. San Diego Real Estate Agent: This post provides warnings about short sale scams in the San Diego area. Most of these scams are occurring all over the country, however.
  16. Vintage Love: This post provides an in-depth and realistic look at what a short sale is and what it means for you.
  17. Aaron Zapata Blog: This post talks about a press release by the department of justice (DOJ) about mortgage fraud and short sale scams.
  18. 189 Beacon: This post talks about how lenders lose money thanks to short sale scams. Lenders are just some of the people that are victimized in these scams.
  19. Tax USA Corp: This post looks at how there is a margin for fraud thanks to the premise of short sales.
  20. Ethical Foreclosure Fortunes: The purpose of this post is to talk about short sale foreclosure scams. It also focuses on how bulk REO properties may be capable of ending personal recessions.
  21. Bubble Info: This post is about short sale fraud. It sheds light on the concept of short sale fraud and why it is happening.
  22. Louisville Properties: This post talks about how scam artists are exploiting the surge in the short sale market. They are using short sales to perpetrate fraud against home buyers.
  23. Tim Iacono Research: This post focuses on five key points that you should consider when you are buying a short sale.
  24. Loan Safe: This article touches on the basics and premise of short sale fraud.
  25. Short Sale Queen: This post takes a look at the premise of short sale fraud and asks “What’s next?”
  26. Christopher Fountain: This blog addresses the fact that short sale fraud is becoming a serious problem.
  27. Joe Curtis Blog: This blog post talks about mortgage scams and short sale scams that you need to know about.
  28. Florida Short Sale Help: This blog post urges homeowners and realtors to avoid scams involving short sales.
  29. Stock Markets Review: The purpose of this article is to tell you how you can avoid becoming screwed by a real estate scam. It talks about “Short sale gurus” and short sale fraud.
  30. Stock Broker Fraud Blog: Here you will find information about short sale fraud and what you need to do to avoid stockbroker fraud.
  31. Allan Glass Blog: This blog asks “Are we missing the point?” regarding short sale fraud.
  32. Fraud Blogger: This blog is all about fraud, and touches on mortgage fraud and short sale fraud all over the country.
  33. Finance Insurance Loans: This article talks about the rise in short sale fraud.
  34. The Norris Group: Here you will find a wealth of information pertaining to short sale fraud, mortgage fraud and related subjects.
  35. Real Estate Investing News Watch: This blog talks about the exposure of a $310 million dollar short sale fraud.
  36. Real Estate Web Masters: This post looks at how short sales are opening up the possibilities for more mortgage fraud than ever before.
  37. Foreclosure Fish: This post looks at how short sale frauds are running the home buying process for many people.
  38. Jen Hudson Homes: This blog asks if you are currently involved in a scam centered on short sales. Many people are getting caught up in short sale scams without realizing it.
  39. Foreclosures Mass: This article talks about short sale fraud. It mentions that reselling homes for profit is “in” and “flipping” is no longer the way to go.
  40. Wanna Network: This article looks at foreclosure fraud and short sale fraud in the Los Angeles area.
  41. Sequence Inc: This article looks at naked short selling.
  42. Short Sales Riches: According to the FBI, mortgage fraud and short sale fraud are up by as much as 400 percent.
  43. I Am Facing Foreclosure: This article looks at the anatomy of government-abetted foreclosure fraud. It focuses on mortgage fraud and short sale fraud.
  44. Bigger Pockets: This article is focusing on short sale fraud at the hands of Freddie Mac.
  45. National Mortgage Professional: This article talks about a real estate agent that has plead guilty to a short sale fraud scheme. This occurred in the state of Connecticut.
  46. Mortgage Leads Generator: This article looks at how Freddie Mac defines a short payoff fraud.  Freddie Mac has dropped a very large bomb on investors in real estate.

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