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44 Articles with Lease Purchase and Rent-to-Own Tips

Posted October 12th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

The purpose of a lease purchase is to allow tenants to pay rent to the owner of a property until a period of time where they can purchase the property. The main reason for such an agreement is for tenants that want to buy the property but do not yet have the down payment or the credit required to do so. Lease purchases and rent-to-own situations can be beneficial, but only when you engage in them smartly. Here are some tips for lease purchases and rent-to-own agreements.

  1. Rent to Own HQ: this article focuses on rent to own tips catering to consumers during tough economic situations. During times like these, the RTO concept is much more viable.
  2. Fraud Guides: This article takes a look at the risky and expensive nature of rent to own situations. Many of these offers are actually misleading.
  3. Legal Assistance WNY: This article urges that you beware when dealing with rent to own agreements.
  4. Broker for You: This article takes a look at facts that you should be aware of when engaging in a rent to own situation. This is an option to consider, but only if you know what you are doing.
  5. JSC Investments: This article takes a look at the strategies that you should employ if you are looking for a “rent to own” situation.
  6. Life Tips: This article focuses on tips for renting homes and rent-to-own situations and other basics on renting.
  7. Properties in Infonavit: This article gives tips pertaining to selling a “rent to own” property. You will also find information on buying the same types of properties.
  8. Real Estate Pro: This article looks at whether or not you should consider rent to own as being an option.
  9. Get Rich Slowly: This article looks at how you can lock in low home prices with a lease to buy option.
  10. Lease Purchase Made Easy: This website shows how you can fill out the forms for a lease purchase quickly and easily. The website offers an FAQ about lease purchases as well.
  11. JSC Investments: This article shows strategies for leasing homes, lease to buy and other real estate decisions that you can make.
  12. Todd Toback: With a lease to own agreement you can begin to buy real estate without relying on cash or credit to get you there. Todd Toback offers real estate purchasing mentoring.
  13. Rental Houses: A look at your available options including lease option homes, lease purchase homes and rent to own homes.
  14. My Atlanta Lease Purchase: Are you ready to take the first steps in owning your own dream home? This article provides frequently asked questions and answers about leasing to own.
  15. Birmingham Lease Purchase: Owning your very own home is much easier than you think when you consider a lease to own situation.
  16. Atlanta Lease Purchase: Lease to own programs in Atlanta are making it possible to get a home more easily than you ever imagined. And you do not even need good credit.
  17. My Rent to Own Home: Sellers offering “rent to own” home purchases may actually compete to receive your business. This website tells you how.
  18. jGage: This article resents the “rent to own” or “lease purchase” option as a way to get more out of your life.
  19. US Lease Option: This article presents the lease purchase option as an alternative for people looking to buy a home right away. If you have bad credit, lease purchase may be the best option.
  20. Lease 2 Buy: This website looks at both situations, buying a rent to own property or selling a rent to own property. This website offers a well rounded look at both sides.
  21. Karl Loren: This article looks at the advantages associated with rent to own purchase options for the landlord and the buyer.
  22. I Rent to Own: This article lists out all of the advantages for the buyer who wants to do a lease purchase option. These benefits include financial, personal and transactional benefits.
  23. Rent to Own Online: There are many misconceptions about rent to own properties. This article seeks to dispel them.
  24. Cleveland Ohio Mortgage: This article focuses on rent to own options available in Cleveland, Ohio.
  25. Rockford Mortgage: This article presents some of the advantages that are associated with rent to own home buying situations.
  26. EZ Home Buyers: ┬áThis article talks about how you can “rent to own” properties, then flip them! It presents the RTO option as a profitable one.
  27. Mortgage News Daily: Presents news about mortgages, including information on lease purchase options for new homeowners.
  28. Lease to Own Investors: This article is designed to show you the benefits of a lease to own or lease purchase situation, looking at it as an investment for profit.
  29. DK Renterprise: This article overviews what a lease purchase is, and tells you what to expect when buying a lease purchase. It also details the difference between “for lease” and “for rent”.
  30. Own a Condo: This article defines what rent to own is and tells you what to expect.
  31. Owner Wiz: This is a detailed resource on rent to own and lease purchase agreements. It also gives six variables to consider when getting into such an agreement.
  32. Sun Coast Rent to Own: This article focuses on all aspects of a rent to own agreement. It focuses on the home buyer and what you should know throughout the transaction.
  33. Casas Infonavit: This article gives an extensive list of tips and hints for people who are selling lease purchase homes.
  34. Super Mortgages: This article contains helpful tips for rental to owning homes.
  35. Finance the Dream: This article is on tax planning strategies, but places emphasis on the rent to own strategy as a way to increase take home pay.
  36. Lease 2 Buy Blog: This website includes information on everything from short sales to the right time to buy, buying second homes, buying condos, vacation homes and more. There is a wealth of information here about leasing to buy.
  37. Real Estate Pros: This article focuses on both the advantages and the disadvantages of doing a rent to own contract. It includes both the seller’s position and the buyer’s position as well.
  38. NLS: This article by the neighborhood legal services details what rent to own is, and in what situations it would be a wise move to make.
  39. Finance Weblog: This web log focuses on both the advantages of rent to own and the disadvantages of this type of agreement.
  40. First Rung Now: This article is a property buying guide that details what a lease option is. It also includes the pros and cons of this type of agreement.
  41. WRA News: This real estate news website about Wisconsin details questions and answers about leasing and owning.
  42. Homes Space: How to live the dream by purchasing a home when you have bad credit. This website looks at the possibilities of a lease to own.
  43. New Homes Section: This article details the lease to buy opportunity for people in certain areas.
  44. All Loans Info: This website offers a wealth of information about “lease to buy” options and other rental and purchasing options available to you.

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