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41 Blogs You Should Read to Understand Home Equity Loans

Posted June 14th, 2010
by Staff (no comments)

Home Equity Loans are potentially confusing for homeowners. If research is not done beforehand, homeowners may quickly find themselves in a bad financial situation. There are many different aspects that must be explored and addressed before making a decision about the terms and conditions of the home equity loans that are available. Fortunately, there is wealth of information on the subject that can be found online. The links below will help consumers filter through the vast amount of knowledge in order to determine the best course of action according to their unique circumstances.

  1. Home Equity Theft Reporter: This is a blog focused on helping legal professionals and consumers become aware of the issues associated with home equity theft.
  2. RefiAdvisor: This is a blog focused on helping people understand more about refinancing home loans, and in the process covers home equity loans.
  3. Mortgage Finders Network Blog: This blog is part of a network of mortgage companies that offers a great deal of information on home equity loans.
  4. Spend on LifeThis is an easy to read  to read article about how to understand home equity lines of credit.
  5. Home Equity Loans: This blog discusses all things related to home equity loans and is quite an extensive source of information.
  6. Home Equity For Poor Credit: This article details the options available for homeowners who have poor credit and want to explore their home equity loan options.
  7. Home Loans: This blog addresses all kinds of home loans, including home equity loans.
  8. Loan Workout: This blog is dedicated to all kinds of loans, helping people learn about them and making sure they get the right one for their needs, including home equity loans.
  9. Texas Home Loan Blog: This blog discusses mortgages and home equity loans, specifically in the state of Texas.
  10. The Mortgage Insider: A variety of articles can be found on this website including those that focus on home equity loans.
  11. New Home Section: This website features many articles for homeowners including an informative article about consolidating loans, also known as home equity loans.
  12. Home Gain: This blog has a wide variety of informative entries dealing with every aspect of homeownership.
  13. Omni Reverse Mortgage: This article details the differences between a home equity line of credit and a home equity conversion mortgage.
  14. Credit Loan: Credit Loan gives consumers their options for home equity loans and lines of credit. When is a good time to get a home equity loan?
  15. Mortgage Loan: Homeowners will find lots of valuable information at this website about home equity loans.
  16. Financial Web: This article details everything a homeowner needs to know about home equity loans.
  17. Home Loan Center: This article focuses on informing consumers about the things they should consider before obtaining a home equity loan.
  18. The Truth About Mortgage: This article shares details about home equity loans including advantages and disadvantages.
  19. Bank Lawyer Blog: This lawyer’s blog tells homeowners about the home equity loan process from an insider’s view.
  20. The Mortgage Reports: Home equity loans are featured in the mortgage based website.
  21. Mortgage News Daily: This blog details many of the types of mortgages available including home equity loans.
  22. Mortgage Fraud Blog: This blog focuses on the fraudulent aspect of the mortgage industry including how it affects home equity loans.
  23. Infotrak: MortgagesThis article gives homeowners step-by-step details about the features of a home equity loan and how to obtain one.
  24. Direct Lending Solutions: This helpful article gives a basic overview of home equity loans for the consumer.
  25. Debt Consolidation Connection: An article focusing on the features of a home equity line of credit, homeowners will find it helpful.
  26. Nationwide Mortgages: A range of home equity loan articles are featured on this website to give the consumer all the needed information before making a decision.
  27. Bad Credit Loan Services: This article details a range of options available to consumers interested in home equity loans, including those consumers with less than optimal credit.
  28. Mortgage Sum: This easy to read article offers an overview of a home equity loan.
  29. Downs Lending: This article details the process of applying for a home equity lonan onlne.
  30. BD Nationwide Mortgage: This article gives homeowners information about home equity loans including cash out loans and no equity loans.
  31. Bad Credit Alliance: This website gives consumers lots of options for home equity loans if their credit is less than stellar.
  32. Investopedia: This detailed article gives a lot of information about what consumers need to know before signing the papers for a home equity loan.
  33. Home Equity Loan Information: This informative article provides homeowners with the basic information about home equity loans.
  34. HELOC Basics: This website is exclusively dedicated to all aspects of home equity lines of credits. It offers a wealth of information for the homeowner.
  35. Home Guide 123: This article offers an outline of the basics of home equity loans and the types that are available.
  36. This articles informs homeowners of the consequences of defaulting on a home equity loan.
  37. This article gives homeowners ideas about how to obtain a home equity loan using the equity in their mobile homes.
  38. Mortgage Fit: This article details the options for a mobile home equity loan and what it takes to qualify for one.
  39. Home Buying Institute: This helpful article helps homeowners to distinguish the differences between a home equity line of credit and a home equity loan.
  40. Bad Credit Financial Experts: An article that focuses on the process of obtaining a home equity loan.
  41. Refinance This article explores the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit.

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